We transform
your hair to
your crown
Makeup, tells
what you are
made of
Your skin
shouldn’t give away
your age
Rejuvenate &
have a Spa day
A Grooming,
stays with you
Perfect salon for
the perfect match
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Welcome to Waw Salon

Discover a New You!

Just things being what we are, we would acknowledge how mesmerizingly we have figured out how to disregard ourselves and have given up to materialistic & social disruptions. Unfortunately, many of us come to recognize it when it’s too late.

At Waw Salon, we feel that this need to change and you have to take care of yourself. We draw your attention to adore yourself. We aim at grooming our clients while making them feel good about themselves simultaneously. Our beauticians are devoted to bring out your inner beauty through their proficiency and love for the work.

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